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10 great uses of spinners for everyday

I want to help everyone make the most of their spinners. It’s small so you can carry it with you everywhere. It’s like a little swiss army pocket knife for mental wellness. Here are just a few ideas. I would love to hear of the new and exciting ways you’ve been able to use the spinners to improve your lives in some small way. Here’s some of the ways I’ve been using the spinners:

  1. FUN ENHANCER: Use the spinner in a group with friends to play some spinning games. I will add examples that others can download to play. It’s fun and social and does not involve a computer screen or smart phone. Let’s bring real play back!

  2. FINE MOTOR SKILLS TRAINER: There are several ways to use the spinners to improve your fine motor skills. Great for young and old and improves concentration. I will post some videos that will give you a few ideas and would love hear yours

  3. FOCUS ENHANCER: If you need to do something that requires thinking and you get distracted like I do then use teh spinner to fidget with as you’re thinking. It will keep your mind from drifting elsewhere. It works!

  4. ANXIETY MANAGER: If you feel stressed and anxiety filled, take a moment for yourself and channel all your stress energy into that little spinner. it helps especially if someone special gave you the spinner as a gift. It’s like they are there with you.

  5. MEDITATION PARTNER: Watch the spinner turns for 3 minutes or more and tune out the rest of the world for a few moments. Focus only on the spinning. It can be hypnotizing and will give your mind a few needed minuted to tune out.

  6. PHYSICS EDUCATOR: Spinning will allow kids to explore the law and rules of physics in a fun way. Spin it really hard a feel how it resists changes in orientation. The harder you spin the more stable it becomes. It works like a gyroscope. they are everywhere.

  7. FLEXIBLE RANDOMIZER: It can be used as a flexible dice to use with existing board games or fun games on its own. I will post a few videos to demonstrate this and will add a few templates to use. Spin on a circles with numbers and let it pick the number for you.

  8. STALEMATE BREAKER: If you have to choose between equally appealing choices and don’t know which one to choose, spin on it. It works just as well if you are by yourself or in a group and have to have some way of ‘voting’ that everyone feel is fair.

  9. TASK SELECTOR: Need to pick from tasks you don’t like or want to mix things up and make things more interesting. Use the spinner to help you pick. Then do the task or exercise. I have created a few examples you can use or make your own.

  10. ADJUSTABLE TIMER: For some things you need a timekeeper. Create small objectives for yourself and focus on the task or exercise while the spinner is going. You can choose how long by how hard you spin it. Works great as an exercise ‘partner’ to help you excel! I have added some examples.

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