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Help me celebrate our great country and its people with its incredible tolerance for diversity and kindness with this special gift to yourself or someone you love. I am donating $1.50 from each sale to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)

Fidget spinners have taken the world by storm. Like many others I have a few and it has really helped me in many ways other than just being lots of fun. I read about the lady who first developed it almost 2 decades ago to help kids deal with anxiety and stress. However the quality of the spinners wasn't that great. For something that ply with so much I wanted something of better quality. I also felt there should be a lot more that one could do with these spinners than just use them for spinning.


So I decided to try to make a small difference myself.

Hi, my name is Sean. I just finished grade 8 and will be going to high school next year and would like to earn a bit money for next years school supplies. My dad encouraged me to do something that involves some creativity and that could make life a little better for others. So I started to think about my fidget spinners. I decided to find one that is much better quality, One that would be durable and that I could customize. One that I could keep for a long time and that I would be proud to give to someone else as a special gift. After a lot of searching I found someone that could make a solid Aluminum spinner with a high quality bearing so that it is quiet and can spin for a long time. It is made in custom Canadian red color. I designed special high quality Canada 150 stickers that are UV resistant and weather proof and customized the spinner and the box by hand myself.

I also wanted people to like my spinner and use and enjoy them in the best possible way. I developed games that you can play alone or with your friends with the spinner that does NOT involve using your smart phone. I researched and created a set of mental health exercises that the spinner can help you with. I’m developing and adding more useful short exercises and fun activities to use the spinners with. I decided to also add something on spinner ‘etiquette’ so you don’t become a distraction or annoyance to others while enjoying your spinner.

I have only a limited number of these custom Canada 150 quality fidget spinners available. I am selling them for only $19.95 together with all the games and additional information you can download for free and enjoy. It's the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love. My goal is to raise at least $500 from the sale of these spinners to donate to Canada Mental Health Association.


To buy it calculate the total and add $4 delivery for every 2 spinner to anywhere in Canada. Then simply email the money to and send me a separate email with the password and your delivery address and receive it in a few days


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